Toddler Care in Ypsilanti

Toddler care at Happy Days is a unique experience! We ease all of the children into the toddler care program from the infant care program. Comfort and confidence is the of the utmost importance for making this transition. Besides seeing other children that have made the transition, the new toddlers will learn how to make new friends that they will grow with until their Happy Days Graduation prior to kindergarten.

In the toddler care program, children are exposed to a daily curriculum that helps provide them the skills they need at their age, such as: physical skills, speech development and through play-based learning they will develop and hone their socialization skills.

Our Toddler Care program is for children ages 1-2.

Staffing Ratio:

The Toddler room will have a 1:4 staffing ratio at all times in accordance with State of Michigan Child Caring Licensure Rules.

Daily Curriculum:

  1. Social/Emotional Development
  2. Physical Development
  3. Cognitive Development
  4. Language Development

Please call today: (734) 461-1299 if you would like to learn more about our Toddler Care Program.