Child Care Provide Programs

Happy Days Daycare & Preschool is one of the areas premium child care centers offering a wide range of care options for today’s busy parent. We have a wide range of child care programs that can fit any parents needs.

Infant Care – Finding the right care for your infant can be challenging and stressful. Happy Days’ top notch infant care services will impress. Our top notch staff will care for your infant like there own. Making sure they receive the extra special attention all babies need!

Toddler Care – Our toddler care program provides the structure, stimulation and attention that every toddler needs. With an impressive daily curriculum, we work hard to give your toddler the head-start they deserve.

Preschool Program – Once your child is age 3 they will enter our preschool program. This is the first step in preparing your youngster for Kindergarten by introducing them to subjects such as math, science and literature.

Pre-K Program – At age 4 children enter our Pre-K program where we build on what your child learned in preschool and strive to develop your child’s skills and confidence before entering Kindergarten.

Before & After School Care – Our before and after school care program provides a safe, fun, and structured environment for school aged children. We feel we are able to take a little stress out of a busy parents life with our before and after school care.

Latchkey Programs – If you have a child at East Arbor or Van Buren schools, our latchkey program is made for you!