Day Care and Preschool Ypsilanti

Happy Days Daycare & Preschool offers full time or part time child care services for including before and after school care.


Monday – Friday

*We are open on snow days, half-days, and most no-school days*


A registration fee of $50.00 is required and all past due accounts must be paid in full.

Each child enrolled must have a child information card and certificate of immunizations. You will also be provided with a Parent Handbook and you must sign the parent contract.  A medical permission slip must also be on file prior to the first day of attendance.

Withdrawal Policy:

A two week written notice of your intent must be provided.  If you choose not to bring your child for the full 2 weeks you will still need to pay for that final period.

The director reserves the right to dis-enroll any child and she deems is inappropriate for attendance at the day care and preschool.  This would generally involve a process of several discussions with attempts to rectify any situation or issues.   We would want to avoid disruptions for your child if at all possible.

Tuition Rates:

Ages 6 weeks – 2  1/2years

* 5 Full Days = $190.00 per week

* Full Day = $55.00

*Half Day (less than 5 hours) = $45.00

Ages 2  1/2 – 5 years

* 5 Full Days = $170.00 per week

* Full Day = $45.00

* Half Day (less than 5 hours) = $40.00

Ages 6 – 12 years

* $145.00 per week

* $35.00 per day

* $25.00 per half day

* $20.00 early dismissal

Pre-K program (8:30-12:30)

* $120.00 per week

* $70.00 M,W, F

*$45.00 Tu,Th


* Before school only – $7.00 per day or $35.00 per week

* After school only – $8.00 per day or $40.00 per week

* Before and after school – 75.00 per week

* 1/2 Day – $25.00

Food Program:

Morning and afternoon snacks will be offered each day along with juice, milk or water.  Children/parents must provide a lunch from home.  If the child arrives before 8am they may also bring their breakfast to daycare.  Milk for cereal will be provided.

Infants and Toddlers:  All bottles must be filled and ready to warm and serve.  Parents must wash and refill bottles.  Bottles and food will be stored only for the day.


Happy Days will be closed for major holidays.  Tuition is prorated so that weekly tuition is the same whether or not the holiday falls on a week day.  Holidays we will be closed for include:

* New Years Day

* Good Friday

* Memorial Day

* 4th of July

* Labor Day

* Thanksgiving Day and the Friday After

* Christmas Eve

* Christmas Day

* New Years Eve


Each enrolled child will earn vacation time at the rate of one week per six months of enrollment.  A child enrolled year round would receive 2 weeks of vacation that does not require tuition during those weeks.  Vacation time must be earned prior to using it and the days must be arranged in writing two weeks in advance.  Tuition is due for all other absences.

Health and Safety:

If a child has a fever of 100.3 or higher, is vomiting, has diarrhea or any communicable illness, they will not be permitted to attend that day.  A child may return once they have been fever free for at least 24 hours or on antibiotics for 24 hours.  If you child has medications, it must be brought in the original container with proper labeling and a medicine form must be completed.

If your child becomes ill during the day they will be separated from the other children as much as possible until you or your emergency contact arrives to pick up your child.

Any minor bumps or bruises, cuts and scrapes or injuries will be handled as they occur and an accident form will be completed.  You will be notified when you pick your child up.  All staff are certified in CPR and First Aid.  We also practice Tornado and Fire Drills to ensure proper response when needed.


Happy Days uses ONLY positive methods for discipline to help children build self control, self direction and self esteem.  We use redirection and positive reinforcements while helping children to learn problem solving to come up with different options for solutions.  Our staff have also received PARENTING/TEACHING WITH LOVE & LOGIC training.